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This Post is Black. NOT.

I've been watching the new Borat DVD. Even though I had already seen the movie, I still laughed my ass off. Yes, I have a childish sense of humor.

I love some of the DVD extras. My favorite is the Baywatch spoof:

Borat making a bed with Martha Stewart on The Tonight Show was funny. Too bad his appearance on Saturday Night Live was edited.

I checked out the foreign language dubs because I wondered how "Not" jokes would translate. They don't have the right timing when not isn't monosyllabic. I don't understand why the Spanish dub translates everything into Spanish: Borat's and Azamat's pseudo-foreign gibberish as well as Borat's idiosyncratic terms like vagine, hand-party and sexy time. Moreover, the Spanish dub presents Borat with a normal Spanish accent. The French and Russian dubs keep him sounding like a strange foreigner. I think dubbing obliterates the original acting and directing so I prefer subtitles for foreign films. Nevertheless, the Hebrew language track is hilarious.

Double dipping DVDs sucks but I'll probably do it when an extended version of the DVD comes out. I want a commentary track and I want to see footage of all the scenes that went horribly horribly wrong, especially the first three high society parties.
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