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Clowning Around

I haven't posted much this year. I've been so busy that, when I get home, I'm usually too tired to hang out online, let alone update this page.

For example, last night I went to Climate Theater's monthly Clown Cabaret. This month's acts loosely followed an election theme. I wish the cabaret had a program because I have a hard time figuring out who all the performers are. The show started with Craig Piaget singing the Star-Spangled Banner with some wedgie-induced high notes. Drew Letchworth played a strange Estonian emcee named Sergei. He led the audience to participate in the storytelling of the "anguish languish" tale of Ladle Rat Rotten Hut which would've been more fun if it had been original material and if I weren't already familiar with the rendition. He cracked me up during the intermission when he asked someone, "Did the naked clown show you his peepee?" My favorite performer was Ed Holmes who did an excellently creepy impersonation of Dick Cheney. "God bless America... and no one else." Cheney came back in drag, pretending to be Sarah Palin but without changing his personality.

The best performer was legendary mime/clown James Donlon. He didn't perform any lunacy. Rather, he repeated a dystopian portrayal I saw last month (I don't know its name.) and performed a piece entitled "Growing Up". You can see the latter at this link 45 minutes into the video.

I also saw a brief absurdist political speech from Gherkin I. Picklewater. He greeted me outside the theater and was intent on shaking the hands of everyone in the audience. That was the first time I had seen him without any clown makeup on.

I know I'm omitting a couple of acts but the "Patriots Against Democracy" (including this couple) performed a few sketches. One involved some conservatives advocating people to vote yes on proposition Q to ban left-handedness and protect the rights of right-handed people and keep their children from being exposed to left-handedness. If anyone's reading this when the news is no longer topical, the sketch is a satire about California's proposition 8.

The silliest bit of fun was the ensemble of Pi Clowns performing a prolonged slow-motion slapstick routine, fighting over a dollar bill.

And now for something completely different,

No, that's not from the Clown Cabaret. I was sleepy at the cabaret because I was out late the night before for the Day of the Dead celebration. That summary is too long for a LiveJournal post so I've posted all my photos and comments HERE. Yes, I need to buy a dSLR soon. My camera sucks in low light; taking pictures of moving people in the dark is even worse. Besides, I partially broke my camera at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass so I need to replace it sooner rather than later.
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