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I Hate Tech Support

My DSL was out for the second time in two months. The last time, my phone line was completely disconnected. I'm tired of some newbie on the phone reading a script and asking me if I'm using Windows or Mac and scheduling an appointment so I can wait some vague time between 8 and 5 for a tech guy to come to my house and make sure the problem isn't the internal wiring, my computer or my modem. I specifically told two phone dweebs what the problem was but I still ended up needing an appointment. I refused to schedule it on a weekday because I had more important things to do today. Last night, I even had some "line technician" leave message to inform me that my line was okay and they didn't know what was wrong. Apparently, sometime today, someone with a brain fixed the problem; it was part of their network and had nothing to do with my line or my equipment. And that's what I told them two days ago.
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