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Feelin' Blu

Heh, my movie collection now has its first Blu-Ray disc. It's Best Buy's free preview disc for Hancock.

I'm currently watching HD-DVDs on my computer via an Xbox HD-DVD drive. Yes, I picked the loser in the format war but clearance sales have allowed me to buy dozens of titles for $6 or less. I did splurge, however, on the collectible HD-DVD briefcase of Blade Runner, the collector's set of Forbidden Planet and the first season of Star Trek.

Now that BD-ROM drives are fairly cheap, I should start watching Blu-Ray titles but I'm waiting to get a good 1080p display. Watching widescreen HD-DVDs on my computer monitor sucks. In the meantime, I'm avoiding buying any DVDs that are also out on Blu-Ray unless I can get them cheap from Columbia House or unless I'm suckered into getting a store-exclusive bonus disc.
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