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The Eyes Have It

Argh. I have to visit an optometrist for the third time in a month. I'm glad my eyeglasses have a 3-month warranty so I don't have to keep paying for new lenses every time I get my prescription changed. Why can't these bozos get my prescription correct? In my first visit, the prescription was too weak. I'm only slightly nearsighted and my eyes accomodated to the exam. My eyeglasses worked fine until night: accomodating in low light is difficult and the mind's blur correction also isn't as effective as in daylight. During the last visit, I read the new prescription and disagreed with it but the doctor argued that my left eye has astigmatism. It doesn't. I complained that viewing the photoropter only with that eye didn't produce a satisfactory image and he said both my eyes had to work together. Well, I got my replacement pair of eyeglasses Friday night and used them all weekend to read charts and text from a projector. I realized that the image hitting my left eye was distorted. Straight lines were curved and crooked. I've since done my own optical measurements and know what my prescription should be. Let's see how close my next exam will be. And why the hell are lenses prescribed only in increments of .25 diopters? The refractive error in my left eye is -.87; -.75 is too weak and -1.0 is too strong but helps me see farther away.

This reminds me of my nightmare earlier this year when I had pneumonia. Visits to the generic HMO-provided primary care physician and to the emergency room both made me sicker than I should've been. I ended up having to find a doctor compliant enough to prescribe what I wanted. And I ended up having to treat myself because everyone else was focussing on the wrong symptom. Listening to the quacks ended up with me getting progressively worse and almost having a heart attack. Following my meager knowledge of basic medicine but strong understanding of what was wrong with me led to a crappy 24 hours but recovery after that.
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