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I was using my computer and it went all apeshit. Programs wouldn't free up memory when they quit and explorer windows wouldn't close. It slowed to a crawl so I saved all my work and rebooted. Well, I tried. Windows would start then reboot, even in safe mode.

I popped out the C: volume's hard drive and stuck it in another computer and backed up every file. Almost every file- my backup computer is running XP Home and can't access the encrypted files; they're backed up to another hard drive, however, but decrypting them is gonna be a hassle. I'm only concerned about a few files I was working on this past week since pretty much everything else had been backed up to optical discs.

Some files wouldn't copy because of file errors. I ran chkdsk on the volume and it spouted out error after error, including bad clusters. As expected, it made the problem files completely disappear but I had made a list of what I couldn't copy.

I'm too busy this week to fix my computer. Because of the bad clusters, I'm going to install a new hard drive. That means I have to install Windows from scratch and reinstall over a hundred programs. Ugh.

So this week, I'm stuck with my crappy backup computer. It has only a 600 MHz CPU and barely chugs along surfing the web. Unfortunately, I don't have Photoshop or Microsoft Office installed on it so I can't access plenty of my files.

I'm glad that most of my documents are on a separate hard drive and backed up on a 2nd separate hard drive. Note to self- stop using Windows file encryption and go back to using PGP.
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