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Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla

I rely on computers so much that I barely ever write using pen and paper. When I must use a pen, I tend to print. Handwriting was last useful for writing essays in blue books in college. Anyway, one day I found myself in a dollar store looking at DVDs. The store had over a hundred different titles. Most were horrible movies but a few were Hollywood classics and horror/sci-fi movies cheezy enough to be entertaining. I wrote down what I found on the only paper I had on me- a tattered bus schedule. I wanted to know exactly which titles were worth buying. And some titles would be cheaper in those $10 public domain 50-movie box sets. Sadly, I can't read my own writing. I tried to cram a hundred lines on a flimsy schedule and the existing printing obscures some of my notes. I've discovered another use for Google- deciphering what I wrote! I can search for parts of titles and even enter a wrong word or two and Google can figure out the actual DVD titles. Too bad that doesn't work for phone numbers I can't read.
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